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At Shop Dr. Morris, we understand the significance of a quality supplement, that's why we prioritize the importance of creating products that are clean and effective. We take pride in offering supplements that undergo rigorous third-party testing and are proudly made in the USA. When you choose to use Shop Dr. Morris you can have peace of mind!

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Fertility Support


Designed to nourish the health of mom and baby before conception, during... 

Her Fertility

Whether you're just starting to plan for pregnancy or you're struggling to... 

His Fertility

Whether you're just starting to plan for pregnancy or you're struggling to... 

  • Lab Reference Guide E-Book

    Learn how to interpret your labs like a naturopathic doctor with this Lab Reference Guide!

    Gain a clear understanding of the most common labs and what is considered optimal and standard ranges for each.

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  • Naturopathic First Aid E-Book

    This guide provides you with step-by-step recommendations for caring for your family when illness or injury strikes. Featuring 19 Common Conditions ranging from cold & flu, broken bones, urinary tract infections, and everything in between!

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  • Daily Packs

    Looking for a convenient way to take your supplements? Don't want the hassle of buying and storing lots of different bottles?

    Choose from a range of intentionally curated packs by Dr. Morris, portioned and labeled for am/pm all in one convenient pack.

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  • Gift Cards

    Surprise your loved ones with the gift of well-being by gifting them with a Shop Dr. Morris gift card. Our digital gift card grants them the flexibility to make a meaningful purchase from the Shop Dr. Morris store.

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Giving Back To Causes That Cherish Life

1% of all 2024 Shop Dr. Morris sales will be donated to organizations that support life!

In 2023 Shop Dr. Morris donated 2% of sales to Pregnancy Center of Lapeer and MamaBaby Haiti.

The Doctor Behind The Bottles

Dr. Morris is a passionate naturopathic doctor who has dedicated many years to understanding how nutrition affects our health, especially when it comes to fertility. Her extensive research has highlighted the crucial need for top-notch supplements to fill the nutritional gaps in today's diets. Dr. Morris firmly believes that quality supplements not only boost our overall health but can also be essential in helping people achieve their fertility goals, ensuring they receive the vital nutrients needed for their optimal reproductive well-being.

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