About Dr. Morris

Naturopathic Doctor and Fertility Expert

Dr. Nichole Morris, a renowned Naturopathic Doctor and fertility expert, possesses a wealth of experience and qualifications. Graduating from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 2018, she acquired her medical training following the completion of her MBA at the University of Michigan.

As the visionary behind Morris Natural Health, a thriving brick and mortar practice, and the esteemed supplement company, Shop. Dr. Morris, she has made significant contributions to the field. In 2022, she introduced The Fertility Formula, an online group coaching program that has positively impacted numerous couples worldwide who were grappling with infertility, providing invaluable support and guidance to over 100 couples.

Dr. Morris's influence extends beyond her practice and coaching program. Her dynamic presence on Instagram has cultivated an engaged community of over 70k followers, where she shares her expertise and insights. Passionate about medical freedom, she fervently advocates for individual rights. In addition, her faith as a follower of Jesus and her role as a devoted wife and homeschooling mom further enrich her life.

In her leisure time, Dr. Morris indulges in her passion for gardening and takes pleasure in preserving the bountiful produce she cultivates. Through her diverse pursuits, she embodies a holistic approach to life, blending her medical expertise with personal interests to create a well-rounded and fulfilling existence.

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