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My kids love it!

I wanted to switch my kids’ vitamins and my kids are so happy I did! They love the flavor and the clean ingredients are something this mama can get on board with!

Brain Boost Mag Caps
Magdalena Reinhard

Brain Boost Mag Caps

Kids Complete
Ashley McQuarters
Kids complete

This kids multi -vitamin is one of the best on the market in terms of what is in it and the quantities. My daughter is a good eater and this is the cherry on top for her nutrition. She l looks forward to her “sweet tarts” every day. Thank you!

Prenatal Plus
Grace Joseph

Prenatal Plus

Sweet Dreams
Carissa Fish
Truly Helpful

I’ve been using this for several months and it really helps me sleep. It works very well and I’m grateful it’s available.

Beauty Starts Inside 😊

The positive change in my nails and hair has been noticeable with Forever Young. My nails are stronger and healthier while my hair is growing at a much faster pace with less breakage. This is my go to beauty product!

Life Saver!

Curcumin has been a life saver for my husbands knee pain and joint pain. After a day of splitting wood or dirt biking it’s a must. I’ve had great success using Curcumin for post -workout muscle pain.

Blood Sugar Balance
Andrea Boron
decreased appetite

I'm taking this as a preventative in efforts to break the family "trend" of diabetes. I've noticed that I have a pretty big decrease in both my appetite and the quantity of food I can eat at a meal.

Brain Boost Mag
Pamela Wiskochil
Brain Boost Mag

I love the lemon-lime flavor!

Primal Nutrients
Kevin Hicks

Great product

Methyl Support
Jillian Bourgeois

Helping me as I detox!

Super Omega
Jenna Moxlow
Low/No Mercury (or fish burps!)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an Omega-3 supplement that is approved and safe for pregnant women, much less one that doesn’t give you gross fishy burps all day?

(It’s impossible… until now!)

The relief I have to know I’m growing a healthy brain for my baby, while also not having to worry about high mercury content or gross reflux of fish all day is invaluable.

Thank you for this formation! Five stars all day.

Prenatal Plus
Jenna Moxlow
Even my doctor was impressed!

First of all, when I brought this supplement to my OBGYN for his approval, he was floored — he said this was prescription-strength/grade prenatals, and gave two thumbs up.

But also, this is the first prenatal I’ve taken that doesn’t make me nauseated! Five stars!

Acid Arrest
Jenna Moxlow
Stops Pregnancy Heartburn in its Tracks

Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this, but my gosh. It exceeded all expectations. One in the morning, one and night, and I have zero heartburn all day. Before I found this, I couldn’t even lay down flat without my acid reflux and heartburn going out of control. This stuff truly gave me my sleep back. THANK YOU!

Bone Builder
Kelly Carr

I’m a petite woman and was watching Dr. Morris on Instagram. She said if you are petite you should be on bone builder. I had no idea. I ordered two bottles. As with anything pure and natural it takes longer to see results. I was done with the first bottle and noticed a considerable difference. I will have these on hand at all times.

Brain Boost Mag

Amye Lewis
The Sleep Solution

Ever since I have been supplementing with this magnesium, not only do I fall asleep easily, but I stay asleep!

We love them

I have been looking for a kids vitamin that my daughter would take without a fight and we have FOUND it!!!! She will actually ask me for them! She’s going to be 3 in December! ❤️

Thyroid Support
Anna Panszczyk

This medication helps me decrease my thyroid. I highly recommend if you have high thyroid.

Brain Boost Mag Caps
Jennifer Rowe
Best on the market

I started this magnesium and noticed a difference right away. My brain fog cleared, I sleep better at night.

Probio Complete
Liana Randazzo
Best Probiotic

After having kids, I have experienced several years of gut issues and bloating. I have tried several different brands and types of high quality probiotics that are out on the market, and many of those brands made me feel more bloated or more discomfort than I was experiencing before. After sticking with a shelf stable one that made me feel pretty good, Dr. Morris came out with her Probio Complete so of course I had to try it!

In all honesty, this is the only probiotic that has made me feel LESS bloat, no gas pains, and overall a healthier gut. It is on autoship because it has helped me feel the best I have in a long time! Thank you, Dr. Morris for your entire line of high quality supplements!


After taking 2 other prenatals during my first pregnancy and feeling Terrible after taking them, I purchased Prenatal Plus and never experienced any stomach cramping or bathroom issues like I did with the first 2! Don't waste time or money with other junky prenatals and take this one where you can trust the quality and results!

Worth every penny!

I am all about a product that can help take some of the stressful days and this product not only helps you calm the thoughts that are going a hundred miles an hour in your brain, but also tastes delicious! I have a glass of this before bed to help relax. Definitely will purchase again!

MTHFR savior

My son and myself have MTHFR so detoxing and methylation are things we need support doing. My son (5) has struggled with anxiety and emotional meltdowns. We have supplemented with different methyl-folate products in the past and seen minor decreases in his behavior but this one has CHANGED him. He has been on it for about 2 months now. Started kindergarten was a cake walk, no fear, anxiety or emotional meltdowns💙. I also take this and notice that I have a more regulated mood. I could not praise this product more.

Kids Complete
Heidi Skurda
Delicious without the junk

I have 4 kiddos and trying to find a vitamin without artificial sugar, added sugar, gelatin, gluten, etc has been beyond difficult. Not to mention one they all want to take. I LOVED the ingredients in these vitamins for the kids and to my surprise they all love them too, even my husband takes them from time to time, because they are delicious. Some days are better than others with our diet so having the kids take these gives me peace of mind they are getting what they need.